Temporary car insurance

Most people have heard of really cheap car insurance sites like paythroughthenose.co.uk (very, VERY cheap!) but have never heard about temporary car insurance, which shouldn't actually be surprising, because most people never find themselves in a situation where they think about it. It's not the best fit for everybody, but there are many circumstances in which it is the optimal solution for your particular situation.

Obviously, people don't enjoy thinking about car insurance. Bringing up the subject also brings up discussions about premiums, thoughts about what would happen if you were in a car collision, and concerns about spending time comparing policies. In the end, it sounds like a great deal of work, all for something intangible that is hard to justify to the less rational part of our minds.

That said, it is a much bigger mistake to go without insurance that it is to go with it. Obviously, there is the threat of legal repercussions if you do not have insurance, but there is more to it than that. If you find yourself in a car accident without adequate car cover, you could easily find yourself in massive debt. The payments could take years to take care of, and they would be a constant burden on your financial situation, possibly hurting your credit rating as well.

Even if you have insurance, not taking the time to pursue all of your options can be detrimental. It's not fun to sift through policy information and premium quotes. Nobody is saying that it is. But the fact is, it is worth all the extra work because, in the end, you will end up spending less each month, and you will be adequately prepared if you find yourself in a car accident.

If you don't know anything about temporary car insurance, you might be missing out. If you only drive during specific periods of the year, you are wasting you money by signing up for a full year of car insurance. Temporary car insurance saves you quite a bit of financial hardship by eliminating payments during the parts of the year that you aren't driving.

If your comprehensive policy is protecting your from threats such as blizzards or hurricanes, that's great. Then again, why protect yourself from a blizzard during a blistering summer? You can take out a separate temporary policy to protect yourself from a blizzard during the winter months, without needing to sign up for one all year. The same goes for hurricane season. Don't let opportunities like this pass you by.

Think cautiously about the kind of insurance that you buy. As with "normal" insurance, you can sign up for any level of cover that you want with a temporary policy. The best way to choose an insurance plan is to have a plan for what you will do, from a financial perspective, in the case of a car accident. How much would you be able to pay for? Choose a plan that reflects this.